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Had a course of Gel Peels & Microdermabrasion, am pleased with the results achieved. The therapist makes you feel relaxed and always explains the treatment process, what's happening and what you should feel. My skin is lovely, blemishes have faded, skin is less oily & looks more radiant. Many thanks to the staff for a friendly, professional experience. Looking forward to future treatments.

Mrs B

I had a course of 5 Microdermabrasion Treatments with Gel Peels. Before the treatments my skin was dull & dry and, around my chin, I had marks from where I'd picked spots when I was younger. By the 2nd Treatment the scars on my chin had begun to fade & the dullness from my dry skin was now softer & somehow looking very fresh. By Treatment 4 the scars on my chin had reduced so much I could go out with just a tinted moisturiser on as the redness had disappeared. As for the rest of my face, it had a fresh look to the skin & there was a smoothness all over where previously it had seemed almost bumpy. I would recommend these treatments to anyone who would like a fresh looking face. Thank you to the staff that treated me so well.

Miss R T

I have just completed my I-Lipo course and am very pleased with the results. It gave me the boost I needed and has made me more body confident!! I am determined to keep up the diet and exercise plan as the results are so rewarding.The team are so friendly and professional I was put at ease from day one. The clinic is so relaxing! I would definitely consider top-ups in the future. Thank you!

Mrs R S

After having tried a lot of different treatments to get rid of unwanted hair the IPL treatment was a nice surprise! It didn't hurt and Clare made me feel totally at ease. I saw a noticeable improvement from the very first session and my skin has looked clearer and smoother ever since. The hair has almost completely disappeared and I no longer feel so self-conscious. A seriously excellent treatment with genuine, satisfactory results!

Miss S T

I-Lipo - A non-invasive, relaxing, pleasant and fat-busting treatment that surpassed my expectations beyond belief. After researching this treatment and having it explained to me in great detail by Dr.Jilani and his staff I decided to give it a try to see if it would shift my stubborn 'fat' areas and signed up immediately for a course. Who would have thought that after only 8 sessions I'd notice a significant change in my body shape, my clothes began to feel loose and friends commented that I had lost weight. I honestly found it hard to believe my 'after' photos as the dramatic change in my shape was truly amazing. It is a treatment I will highly recommend, it has given me the confidence and drive to continue to exercise and maintain a healthy diet and improve my whole well-being, and I wouldn't hesitate to have more I-Lipo sessions. With many thanks to the staff at the clinic

Mrs RH
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