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Having recently bought some Revitalash from Dr.Jilani's Clinic I must tell you how fantastic this product is! It seems expensive initially & maybe a little fiddly to do but it really does work. I have had stubby, very light eyelashes all my life but now they're transformed. When I look in the mirror I can't believe they are my own eyelashes. So much better than lash extensions, they look natural because they are. You have to persevere, it takes a few weeks to start working, but the little tube lasts for ages. Some days I even go without mascara & that's a thing I would never do normally!

Mrs M

This procedure ( I-Lipo) has definitely been a life enhancing experience. Areas of my body that have plagued me for many years, areas that I thought were with me for life have been altered by I-Lipo. I have dropped a dress size, half a stone & gained immeasurable confidence within 4 weeks. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who has found the act of weight/fat loss a life sentence ~ worth every penny.

Mrs W

I received 8 treatments of I-Lipo.  I was delighted to have lost about 11cm in total. I was encouraged me to exercise & be careful with my diet. All the staff I met were very professional & obviously well trained. The Clinic is excellent in every respect & I will have no hesitation recommending it.

Mrs P

After feeling so unhappy & depressed with my frown lines & wrinkles on my head I decided to try injectable wrinkle treatment & Restylane. Best thing I have done. No creams, potions & lotions can sort this problem. I feel so much happier & I can see what a difference these treatments have made. People have started to notice already. My headaches have also improved. It was pain free & took such a short time to do! I was so nervous on my first visit but Dr. Jilani put me at ease straight away and really showed an interest in ME & how I was feeling. I can't believe the difference in just 1 session!! I will be back.

Miss N

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dermaroller. Skin looks & feels great. Treatment is not painful just a little uncomfortable. Well worth it, many thanks.


At first I was very unsure if the I-Lipo treatment would work, but after 3 years of being very conscious about how I looked & feeling very down I decided to give it a go. After all, I'd tried exercise most days & being very careful with what I ate with not much success! I had 8 sessions of I-Lipo & I dropped a dress size, which I was very happy with so I decided to have another 2 sessions, I have gone from a size 14-16 to a 10-12 so I am extremely pleased. I no longer feel bloated & am not ashamed of my figure, in fact I'm loving the compliments from people some of which are relatives & friends, and some are strangers! I have also worked very hard with the exercise after treatments & kept an eye on my food intake as there's no point in paying

Mrs J R

Thank you so much!! No more embarrassing unwanted facial hair!! The IPL treatment has worked & Clare was so reassuring throughout. I would definitely recommend this clinic (& treatment) to anyone who wants a professional, discreet & friendly solution. Everyone here has been so helpful. Clare understood exactly what I needed & I was never concerned that she didn't. She is brilliantly confident & her great sense of humour ensured that each session was enjoyable! No more shaving, plucking or trying to cover up.

Mrs L K

I thoroughly recommend

Mrs F

Ten years the same - Happy Birthday to the Island Cosmetic Clinic Over the 8 years I have had various treatments: Injectable wrinkle treatment, peels, IPL and dermaroller. All of which have been effective. At every visit the staffs has always been pleasant and professional, honest about any possible side-effects and well enough trained that such side-effects are extremely rare. I have recently been having a bit of a midlife make-over and I have indulged myself with a couple of different treatments: I-lipo and Titan. With a healthy BMI of 23 I had no wish to lose weight, but I was self conscious about the shape of my waist and tummy area. I-Lipo does require some effort in terms of taking exercise, but this doesn't have to be onerous. Not only did I have impressive results, with a loss of 26.8 cm, but I feel that my shape is now more feminine. The only down side is the amount of money that I have spent on new clothes. But is that a down side? I wondered whether I was being a bit silly in wanting Titan as my face hadn't reached the saggy stage, but I have truly been astounded by the results. It is hard to imagine something being both subtle and dramatic, but it really is. I can see that my nose to mouth lines have softened, as have the 'dips' under my chin (making my mouth look less droopy - something I felt quite aware of) and my jaw line is tighter. When I first visited the Island Cosmetic Clinic, aged 36, my aim was not so much to look ten years younger, but to look the same age for ten years. I am now 44 and I feel that I am on target - thank you!

Ms J

Naomi, it is just amazing. You have changed my life; my eyeliner and brows look so natural I would not hesitate to recommend your artistry and skills. I cannot speak highly enough of the treatment I received from the moment I stepped inside the Island Cosmetic Clinic. The staff were so welcoming and informative and were more than happy to show me some of procedures they themselves have had done. That in itself was so reassuring, thanks so much.

Pam B
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