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I was cautious in investing time & money into this relatively new treatment (I-Lipo). However, stuck with a fat stomach following a hysterectomy many years ago, and having tried many different exercises and diet regimes, I decided to give it a go. The result is amazing. The stomach is greatly reduced in size. I feel much more positive and have recently joined a gym to keep the exercise up. It felt pointless before, as I lost inches in all other areas but not my stomach. It is not a passive treatment, it is necessary to exercise afterwards and watch your diet, for the I-Lipo to be successful.The Staff at the Clinic have been most helpful, courteous, and respectful. The 8 sessions passed very quickly. Many Thanks to you all, From one grateful client.

Mrs J T

I recently had I-Lipo, this is my second course. I found I feel more comfortable in my clothes, they fit better around the middle. They look a lot better and less of my stomach is showing. I am totally happy with the treatment.

Mrs R

Having recently bought some Revitalash from Dr.Jilani's Clinic I must tell you how fantastic this product is! It seems expensive initially & maybe a little fiddly to do but it really does work. I have had stubby, very light eyelashes all my life but now they're transformed. When I look in the mirror I can't believe they are my own eyelashes. So much better than lash extensions, they look natural because they are. You have to persevere, it takes a few weeks to start working, but the little tube lasts for ages. Some days I even go without mascara & that's a thing I would never do normally!

Mrs M

This procedure ( I-Lipo) has definitely been a life enhancing experience. Areas of my body that have plagued me for many years, areas that I thought were with me for life have been altered by I-Lipo. I have dropped a dress size, half a stone & gained immeasurable confidence within 4 weeks. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who has found the act of weight/fat loss a life sentence ~ worth every penny.

Mrs W

I received 8 treatments of I-Lipo.  I was delighted to have lost about 11cm in total. I was encouraged me to exercise & be careful with my diet. All the staff I met were very professional & obviously well trained. The Clinic is excellent in every respect & I will have no hesitation recommending it.

Mrs P

After feeling so unhappy & depressed with my frown lines & wrinkles on my head I decided to try injectable wrinkle treatment & Restylane. Best thing I have done. No creams, potions & lotions can sort this problem. I feel so much happier & I can see what a difference these treatments have made. People have started to notice already. My headaches have also improved. It was pain free & took such a short time to do! I was so nervous on my first visit but Dr. Jilani put me at ease straight away and really showed an interest in ME & how I was feeling. I can't believe the difference in just 1 session!! I will be back.

Miss N

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dermaroller. Skin looks & feels great. Treatment is not painful just a little uncomfortable. Well worth it, many thanks.


At first I was very unsure if the I-Lipo treatment would work, but after 3 years of being very conscious about how I looked & feeling very down I decided to give it a go. After all, I'd tried exercise most days & being very careful with what I ate with not much success! I had 8 sessions of I-Lipo & I dropped a dress size, which I was very happy with so I decided to have another 2 sessions, I have gone from a size 14-16 to a 10-12 so I am extremely pleased. I no longer feel bloated & am not ashamed of my figure, in fact I'm loving the compliments from people some of which are relatives & friends, and some are strangers! I have also worked very hard with the exercise after treatments & kept an eye on my food intake as there's no point in paying

Mrs J R

Thank you so much!! No more embarrassing unwanted facial hair!! The IPL treatment has worked & Clare was so reassuring throughout. I would definitely recommend this clinic (& treatment) to anyone who wants a professional, discreet & friendly solution. Everyone here has been so helpful. Clare understood exactly what I needed & I was never concerned that she didn't. She is brilliantly confident & her great sense of humour ensured that each session was enjoyable! No more shaving, plucking or trying to cover up.

Mrs L K

I thoroughly recommend

Mrs F
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